March 2019

FInd – Tell – Bring – Part 3

Today is part 3 of our series, “I Once Was Lost”. In this four-week series, I’m reminding you of our mission: Love, Mend, Train and Send; and in short, we exist to help people find and follow Jesus. Let me start with a little review. In week 1, we talked about the why. Why is […]

Find – Tell – Bring – Part 2

February 2019

Find – Tell – Bring – Part 1

Vision – Part 5

Vision – Part 4

So we are going to continue today with the topic of vision; here at LCF we have a mission; a reason to exist and it is to Love, Mend, Train and Send… and we have a vision; that picture or target if you will of what we want to look like; A community where people […]

January 2019

Vision – Part 2

Vision 2019 – Part 1

Vision from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.

Celebrate 2018

2019 – The Best Year Yet!

I want to remind you that next week, right here we are going to have a celebration that you do not want to miss; in fact we are going to go over all we have done in the past year and I know you are going to be very excited with what has been done; […]

December 2018

Hope & Joy

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